We can help you create impactful volunteer services

Helpforce offers health and social care organisations valuable support to adopt and adapt robust volunteering services.

With our expert support, you can embed volunteer services that will make a major impact on your organisation's patients and staff.

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Support to ease pressures on health and care services

Helpforce helps health and care organisations quickly create volunteering services to reduce pressure on staff and provide extra support to patients.

Helpforce’s Adapt and Adopt service has worked with over 50 health and care organisations across the UK, developing volunteering models that will allow you to deploy volunteers where they’re needed within weeks.

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Service guides

Our extensive range of service guides are packed with tips on setting up different types of volunteering services, based on our experience working with health and social care organisations around the country.

Take a look through our guides:

Setting up a meal time support volunteer service

Setting up a discharge support volunteer service

Setting up an active response volunteer service

“Our Helpforce contact has been absolutely brilliant as a coach and critical friend along this journey. They have asked difficult questions and focused our thinking and have provided positive support and encouragement when things have been difficult. We are on the way to developing an excellent service which improves patients’ experience, supports staff and is rewarding to volunteers! Thanks."
Becky Millward
Becky Millward

Patient Experience Manager, George Eliot Hospital