6th form student goes onto achieve his career aspirations

7th December 2022

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Harry Lawly first came to Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust whilst he was a 6th form student as he was wanting to volunteer to help meet his career aspirations which were to study medicine and become a doctor. Harry volunteered within the onsite Hospice and it soon became evident that he would meet his career aspirations.

It wasn't an easy path for him to follow; on finishing his A-Levels and having achieved excellent grades, Harry was not successful in securing a place at university. He asked his volunteer service manager what he should do, it was suggested he contact the university and ask them what it was he needed to do to improve his chances - experience was what Harry was lacking. So not being knocked back, Harry took on a Bank Health Care Assistants role within the Trust taking shifts within various wards and locations.

He soon found he enjoyed the Emergency Department and also attended all training that was possible to him. The following year, he was successful in securing a placement at Sheffield University.

During his university years, Harry would return home to Salisbury to carry out weekend Bank shifts and soon volunteer roles found roles closer to university too. He graduated from The University of Sheffield in June 2022.

Nominated for the 2022 Volunteer to Career category

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