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The sheer number of hours they have spent with us demonstrates dedication and commitment

12th November 2020

Colin And Nick

Submitted by Lindsay Rutherford-Hoe, North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust

Nick Rutter (R) and Colin Stead (L) have been stalwarts of the Trust for a number of years. Nick joined the Trust approximately 12 years ago, Colin 8 years ago. Nick has a number of health issues for which he needs support and Colin supports him during his time in the Trust as well as outside.

They support the Stores Department and MRDU, each spending over 30 hours a week at the Trust. They consider themselves as part of the wider team and demonstrate a more than appropriate level of dedication and commitment to supporting patients and staff.

They are more than happy to support staff when parcels are delivered, accept and organise the parcels into suitable areas to speed up delivery times etc.

Whilst within the MRDU they spend time with patients, reassuring them, making them tea/coffee and offering biscuits as appropriate. They make sure the waiting areas are kept clean and tidy, washing the used cups etc and make sure that they get put away. They also check stock levels across the area eg, checking gloves, making sure there are enough on hand for daily use. Whenever needed they are both more than happy to get involved in urgent tasks. In their daily travels across the hospital if they see patients/visitors in need of direction they help and make sure they get to where they need to be.

Nick and Colin have become recognised in the UHH as part of the team, everyone knows who they are and always have a good word to say about them.

The sheer number of hours they have spent with us alone demonstrates their dedication and commitment to our Trust and has had a huge impact on the service delivered.. Their support of the Stores Department ensures that any delays in deliveries to patient areas are kept to a minimum. Their support of the MRDU ensures that patients have the best experience that these two can manage. They are both happy go lucky characters who go out of their way for the benefit of our patients and the Trust.

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