Your generosity means MORE volunteers can help the NHS!

As the country faces uncertain times, volunteers from all walks of life are stepping up to take the strain off doctors and nurses on the front line. We are grateful for any donation you can make – so they can make an even bigger difference.

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Your generosity means more volunteers can help the NHS

Corporate support

There are many ways your company can help us, and give your employees a chance to show their support for volunteering in the NHS. Make Helpforce your Charity of the Year. Pay as you earn – give your employees the chance to make donations straight from their pay packets. Gifts in kind – an opportunity to give skills and time from your company rather than making a financial commitment

Individual donations

Every donation big and small helps. You can give a one-off donation or set up a regular direct debit to help fund our work. We are grateful for all your support. With your help we can ensure even more volunteers can take the strain off the doctors and nurses working so hard in trying times.

Leave a gift in your will

We rely on the NHS from the moment we are born, through many major life events, and at the end of our lives. The nurses, doctors, and staff we rely on, would love more volunteers to be there for them, so they have more time to give. Leaving a gift in your Will to Helpforce, means you are contributing to more volunteers joining our NHS.

Fundraise for us

We all love a cake sale, some love to run marathons, others think skydiving makes an exciting afternoon. Whatever floats your boat, it could be even more fun if you use your event to ask for donations to support more volunteers to help doctors and nurses.

Your donation, big, small, in the middle - it all helps!

Helpforce believes that everyone benefits if there are more volunteers trained to provide support to nurses, doctors, midwives, surgeons, and patients in the NHS. Here’s how your money will help us realise this vision:

The Helpforce Network

The Helpforce Network

We are developing a national Helpforce Network to bring more volunteer managers, voluntary sector partners, and clinical staff to connect with and inspire each other

Supporting more NHS Trusts grow their volunteer services

We are working with 12 NHS Trusts, providing support and expertise to help them grow their volunteer services, bring more volunteers on, and create innovative roles, and hope to work with more.

Supporting more NHS Trusts grow their volunteer services
Education and Training for volunteers and volunteer managers

Education and Training for volunteers and volunteer managers

We will provide support and development opportunities for volunteers and volunteer service managers through the first nationally recognised education and training programmes

We have a range of projects and your gift will go wherever the need is greatest