Our work

We’re working with NHS Trusts across the UK to create and measure exciting roles for safe, reliable and effective volunteering.

After launching in 2016 with five pilot projects, we’ve expanded. Helpforce is working in partnership with 15 NHS Trusts developing innovative volunteering roles; over 50 Trusts have joined our national Learning Network; and over 150 Trusts are working with more volunteers.

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We are working with a growing number of Trusts across the UK.

  • Recruiting Volunteers - We are thrilled that so many NHS Trusts are recruiting new volunteers through Helpforce.
  • Learning Network - An increasing number of Trusts are joining our free national Learning Network and benefiting from connecting with their colleagues across the UK.
  • Volunteer Innovation Partners - We are working with 12 innovative trusts to help them scale, measure the impact, and share their volunteering innovations.

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I can now see the potential for change if volunteering were as big a Trust priority as CQC. It is clear that by using volunteers we are moving towards a more holistic improvement in the patient experience.

Join our Learning Network for NHS healthcare professionals to discover the difference it could make in your own hospital.

The findings so far

We believe in measuring the value volunteers bring, and we are working with our partners to do just this. Discover our findings so far from Chelsea & Westminster, West Suffolk, Northumbria, Sandwell & West Birmingham and the University Hospitals Southampton.

How can Helpforce transform hospital volunteering?

Patients get more

  • Time, attention and care
  • Information and advice
  • Help to get home quickly

Healthcare staff see

  • More care and comfort for patients
  • More clinical capacity for staff
  • Better training and development

Volunteers feel

  • Clearer about my role and ways I can help
  • Better utilised
  • Supported and valued

NHS Trusts benefit from

  • A greater connection with our local community
  • Measurable benefits to staff and patient experiences
  • Better CQC scores

Thinking about volunteering?

Why not visit one of our partners to find out about opportunities near you. Or you can go directly to your local hospital and find out what volunteering opportunities they have.

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The next step

After the success of our pilot projects, Helpforce is proud to have been appointed by the NHS as the organisation tasked with delivering change within hospital volunteering. Our NHS funded programme Helpforce Volunteering Innovators Programme is helping to fund and transform volunteering in hospitals.

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Making our vision a reality

So how do we deliver our vision of improving the lives of NHS staff, patients and our communities through the power of volunteering?

Working with our partners, we’ve been able to develop key strategies that provide support, resources and frameworks to those involved. By adopting best practice, we’re able to achieve consistent, efficient and effective volunteering – the impact of which is measurable.

  • MAINSTREAM – volunteering is valued as a core element of NHS care delivery
  • INTEGRATED – Volunteers are integrated into services and staff teams
  • QUALITY – High quality and high impact roles, practice and services
  • SCALE – More volunteers attracted to, and staying in the NHS

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