Thank you

On behalf of Helpforce and the Daily Mail, may we say a huge thank you for pledging your time to volunteer with the NHS. With your support, we are creating a movement of people who will make a huge difference to both patients and staff.

We are delighted that you are interested in volunteering in 2019, joining those across the UK who are already giving generously of their time. As a volunteer you can help patients at difficult times in their lives, support busy NHS staff through a wide range of roles, and get enormous satisfaction from helping others.

It is important that all volunteers are safe and reliable and therefore you will go through an application process with the NHS. This will involve simple health and criminal record checks, and some organisations may need references from previous employers. You will also receive training for your role.

What happens now:

You do not need to do anything more at this stage

  1. In January 2019, Helpforce will contact and work with NHS organisations (and charity partners working in the NHS) near to you to let them know you are interested in volunteering. Helpforce will also send you a pin badge in the post to say thank you.
  2. In February 2019, Helpforce will come back to you to let you know more about the volunteering opportunities local to you, including where they are and the types of roles available.
  3. The NHS organisation we match you with will need further information from you to complete your application and will arrange the necessary background and health checks.
  4. We are keen that you can start volunteering as soon as possible, but we hope you appreciate that this process and matching you to the right role may take several months.

Helpforce look forward to being in touch with you, and in the meantime you can find more details and answers to Frequently Asked Questions here.

Thank you again for your involvement in this movement to harness the power of volunteering to support our NHS. Together, we can make a big difference.

Sir Tom Hughes-Hallett
Sir Tom Hughes-Hallett
Founder and Chair of Helpforce
Geordie Greig
Geordie Greig
Editor of the Daily Mail