#TabletsWithLove – nobody needs to feel alone

7th May 2020

Jacqui Barrett, co-Founder of Salient Future, a creative agency building awareness in sustainability, diversity and financial inclusion, turned her considerable skills and energy to the NHS to help. She started a campaign called #TabletswithLove, which has galvanised many organisations to donate over 400 free devices to 25 NHS Trusts, to help patients in isolation stay in touch with their loved ones. Being able to use Facetime with her mum, who is in a care home, inspired her to help. Jacqui told us more:

“Having visual contact with my parents helped my family cope during this madness. This led me to think about the thousands in isolation on wards all over the UK. We have the tech, we have the capacity and some devices are not outrageously expensive, so imagine if all those who manufacture them and all those who sell them, each donated 100 tablets – and what if other organisations stepped up too? So, armed with a hashtag and an image, I launched the #TabletswithLove campaign. Traditional tablets are given to make us better, but digital tablets are equally important to keep a visual connection when in isolation, especially when you’re surrounded by people in masks. Seeing a loved one’s smiling face is akin to having them hold your hand. Nobody needs to feel alone.

In the space of a few weeks #TabletswithLove has gone from concept to campaign to hundreds of devices in hospitals. The support and positivity from organisations embracing this with their donations and Helpforce’s force-of-nature has made this happen. Watching the videos of staff and patients reminds us just how much we all need that visual connection. There’s lots of talk about ‘community’ – and this is a powerful one. I am so grateful for everyone’s generosity of time and spirit. Thank you.” Jacqui Barrett, #TabletsWithLove, https://www.salientfuture.com/shizzle/

Jacqui asked many organisations to get involved, here is why they said yes: 

Boohoo.com “Supporting causes and charities in the communities across the world where we operate, has always been a core part of our business. We have all been moved by the terribly sad stories of families unable to see and speak to their relatives receiving treatment in the hospital.  At times like this when we have all relied on the support of families, friends and loved ones more than ever,  we were delighted to support the #TabletsWithLove campaign to do our bit to try and help families stay connected at a time when contact means so much to the patient and their families. The work of community groups, charities and of course the amazing staff of the NHS has been incredible and we are doing all we can to support the important work they all do.”

Lenovo “One of Lenovo’s primary goals is to make the world a better place, and we do this by partnering with charitable organisations which help empower people. COVID-19 has upset the fabric of our society and changed how people interact with each other. The Tablets with Love initiative helps people when they are at their most vulnerable communicate with their loved ones when they need it the most. It is inspiring to hear stories from frontline workers about how our technology is helping their patients.”

Very.co.uk “Like most people in the UK, we want to make a difference where we can, and have been busy looking at ways we can help where it is needed most. When Jacqui contacted the team at Very to support her campaign by donating iPads, we thought it was a great idea and happily contributed. Having the support of loved ones at moments like this is so important and we hope this donation helps people stay connected during these difficult times.”

Alcatel “With the current situation, it is more important now than ever to stay in touch with loved ones and communicate. That is why we are delighted to support such a wonderful cause such as the #TabletsWithLove campaign helps get our devices to those in need during isolation so they too can stay connected with family and friends.”

Staff and patients told us the difference the tablets are making:

“It breaks our hearts to see our patients so lonely and scared without visitors at this time, this donation will make such a difference and we are so VERY grateful.” Sally Dyson, VSM NNUH

“Not only will they be a great resource for our patients, they will help us coordinate our volunteers who are coming in to act as responders to requests from wards, we are also our volunteers delivering  peer support sessions to patients.” Sarah Rogers, Leeds Teaching Hospital 

“Thank you all so much for organising the donation of these tablets for BSUH Trust, we are incredibly grateful. At a time when families most want to be together to give each other comfort and love, it is so hard to be apart, and these tablets will help to bring patients and their families that little bit closer together. Your generosity will also be so appreciated by our staff who always want to do everything they can to help and to look after their patients.” Stephanie Kirby, Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust

“Our trust is developing a virtual visiting strategy so these tablets are going to be a great and valuable addition to the initiative.” Paul Wharton, North Tees NHS Trust

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