Meet the Helpforce team

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Mark Lever

Chief Executive

It was seeing the power of volunteering first hand that motivated me to move from the world of finance to the charity sector nearly 25 years ago – a move I have never regretted. I am now incredibly proud to be working with such a talented team who are all committed to maximising the impact of volunteering on the health and well being of local communities.

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Maeve Hully

Director of Volunteering

As a trained nurse I understand the genuine value volunteers can bring to patients families and healthcare. As someone who has volunteered in an NHS hospital I know how truly rewarding the experience of volunteering can be. We have already had great commitment from health boards in the three countries and I am looking forward to developing them.

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Paddy Hanrahan

Director of Strategy & Innovation

My personal driver is social change and Helpforce is a fantastic opportunity to help communities as well as support our brilliant NHS. Based on my own volunteering experience, the magic of helping other people is a win-win for all involved and should play a role in all of our lives.

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Sally Williams

Helpforce Connect Network Manager

Every day I am humbled by the efforts of people who use their skills, time and compassion to help others. Volunteer managers across the NHS are creating opportunities for their volunteers to make a real difference to patients and staff and it is a privilege to work alongside inspirational healthcare professionals towards our shared vision of volunteer support for every patient.

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Maxine Moss-Black

Programme Manager

Through my experience of working with social impact organisations to design and develop and improve services, I’ve seen the growing value and benefit that volunteering services bring to the organisation, the volunteers and the community that they serve. It is this compelling reason that I am so excited and passionate to be a part of how Helpforce can work within the Health and Social Care sector to positively impact society.

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Melissa Griffith

Programme Manager

From experience working within the health and care landscape I can see immense opportunity to unlock the value volunteers can bring to staff, patients and the wider community. Helpforce are truly committed to supporting health and care systems reap the benefits of volunteering and I am proud to be a member of this team and working with incredible healthcare professionals striving to unlock the full potential of volunteering.

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Vy Tran

Communications and Content Manager

I’m fascinated by the power of volunteering and truly believe that volunteering plays an important role in our society. What appeals to me about Helpforce is the organisation’s ambition to embed volunteering within our healthcare system and a philosophy which embraces the values of kindness and compassion.

Peter Agbon

Peter Agbon

Digital Solutions Architect

People helping people for me is the most strongest force of being human. Digital Innovation and developments is my strategy to support this movement. Working with Helpforce is such a great opportunity to be part of something wonderful, as it focuses on harnessing the power of community and volunteering innovation within the Health and Social Care sector.