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Like you, we’re proud of our National Health Service (NHS) and what it means to us all. From its groundbreaking inception, Sir William Beveridge envisioned the NHS as a place where volunteers and communities would always play an active role, but our lives, cities and institutions today are so different to the world he imagined. While there are thousands of volunteers carrying out vital work, the system has yet to create a unified and integrated approach to NHS volunteering. At Helpforce, we believe that when we harness the power of dedicated and caring volunteers we can create a more compassionate care system for all of us.

In practical, positive terms, this means:

  • better experiences of healthcare for patients
  • more structured roles for volunteers
  • more time for healthcare workers to focus on delivering the incredible work they’ve been trained to do.


We are so grateful to the many supporters, friends, partners, funders, donors and volunteers who stepped up to help the NHS during the crisis.

By joining Helpforce Assist, and donating to our cause, you helped brave staff on the front line in the NHS, and you helped to reduce isolation and fear for many patients. Hats off to you!

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To help healthcare professionals reap the benefits of shared knowledge, develop best practice and spread innovations we’ve created the Helpforce Learning Network. It’s just one part of our ambition to help make volunteering within the NHS efficient and effective.

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Find out more about the impact volunteers can bring. Browse our latest research, news, case studies, and reports. Dive in, the more you discover, the more you’ll agree that volunteers are the beating heart in our communities.


Join ‘The Big Thank You’

When it comes to volunteers in the NHS saying ‘Thank you’ goes a long way to recognising the amazing work they do. Which is why we want to shout from the rooftops in our new campaign, Please join us.

The Big Thank You

join the national learning hub for volunteering

Join the National Learning Hub for Volunteering

In these challenging times, it is fantastic to see so many who want to volunteer to help and support our health and care services. Your safety is paramount, which is why we have pulled together guidance and learning so you can either: continue to volunteer where it is safe to do so; or prepare for volunteering when the risks are reduced.

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Having that extra pair of hands doing the little things really makes a difference. They are full of enthusiasm and this has a really positive impact on the ward.

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