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Together we can accelerate the growth and impact of volunteering

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Helpforce partners with health and care organisations to increase volunteering opportunities and accelerate their impact

Because volunteers

  • Improve patient experience
  • Support NHS staff
  • Take up careers in health
  • Reduce pressure on acute services, GPs, community services and hospitals
  • Help organisations increase productivity

Latest activities

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Volunteers should be part of the solutions to help the NHS cope with this c...

27 January 2021

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Five key steps to accelerate and grow the impact of volunteering in our hea...

26 January 2021

Val Shannon


A strong and caring bond between team members

30 November 2020

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New telephone helpline service: Anne Robson Trust

08 March 2021

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Volunteering Service Guide: Active Response Volunteers - Measuring Impact

16 February 2021

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Volunteering Service Guide: Active Response Volunteers - Systems & Infrastr...

16 February 2021

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Volunteering Service Guide: Active Response Volunteers - Service Blueprint

16 February 2021

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Evidence and Insight

How do you evaluate and measure your impact in volunteering?



Helpforce projects

Discover the different ways volunteers are helping hospitals



Raising standards for volunteering in health

Join the national learning hub for volunteering to ensure your volunteers are confident and ready

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Mark Lever
CEO, Helpforce

Thank you to all our funders and partners!

"The Helpforce team thank all our funders who believe in our mission, and, like us, want to see the enormous benefits volunteers bring scaled across our NHS to the benefit of patients, staff, hospitals and communities. We couldn't do it without your support, for which we are enormously grateful."
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