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Voluntary Services & Community Development Lead I lead a team focusing on recruiting volunteers for our 11 community hospitals and the many NHS services that we have out in the community. We have a staff headcount of 5000 so demand is high and we are currently engaged with over a 100 different services with over 50 different volunteer roles. We also have the opportunity to work closely with our third sector partners and encourage partnership working to help service delivery in primary and community care. I also head up a Volunteer Steering Group incorporating additional services where we have volunteer managers based across Sussex. My background is that of a clinician, mostly spent in community care as a Midwife, Macmillan nurse and Community nurse. Its  brilliant to be working so closely with our NHS staff, understanding the pressures they are under and supporting where we can. I feel very fortunate to be in such a satisfying job and very proud of the NHS and all that we achieve.
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