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Tracy Lerpiniere

Last active 2 days ago

Senior Volunteer Co-ordinator at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre - we have around 200 volunteers in a variety of roles.  Previously I was the Volunteer co-ordinator at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo and before that had an 18 year career in the Ministry of Defence.

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Darren Wright

Last active 2 days ago

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Mandy Cleaver

Last active 3 days ago

Voluntary Services & Community Development Lead I lead a team focusing on recruiting volunteers for our 11 community hospitals and the many NHS services that we have out in the community. We have a staff headcount of 5000 so demand is high and we are currently engaged with over a 100 different services with over 50 different volunteer roles. We also have the opportunity to work closely with our third sector partners and encourage partnership working to help service delivery in primary and community care. I also head up a Volunteer Steering Group incorporating additional services where we have volunteer managers based across Sussex. My background is that of a clinician, mostly spent in community care as a Midwife, Macmillan nurse and Community nurse. Its  brilliant to be working so closely with our NHS staff, understanding the pressures they are under and supporting where we can. I feel very fortunate to be in such a satisfying job and very proud of the NHS and all that we achieve.

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Vy Tran

Last active 3 days ago

I am the Knowledge and Content Manager at Helpforce. My role includes producing content in different formats and ensuring members of the Learning Network make the most out of the Learning Zone. My background is in Marketing and Communications and I'm passionate about encouraging the public to make positive changes.

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Harry Mee

Last active 3 days ago

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Sally Williams

Last active 5 days ago

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Paddy Hanrahan

Last active 9 days ago

Director of Strategy & Innovation, Helpforce

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Laura Shalev-Greene

Last active 11 days ago

Returned in November 2019 from a two year sabbatical. Head of Volunteering for a medium sized NHS acute hospital Foundation Trust.

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Cate Robinson

Last active 15 days ago

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Sarah Woodfield

Last active 18 days ago

Voluntary Services Manager at Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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Joanna Rapson

Last active 23 days ago

I am currently the Volunteering & Befriending Lead at Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and the Membership Secretary for NAVSM (National Association for Voluntary Service Managers)

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Ian Jones

Last active 24 days ago

Initally community and youth devleopment in Liverpool then regional devleopment in the south west of England. Worked in academia in University of Exeter and Combined University in Cornwall, also CEO of an environemntal organisations. Worked overseas in north America and far east with my last stint in Toronto. Cursrently CEO of Volunteer Cornwall involved in transformation of health and care in Cornwall.

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Maya Jose

Last active a month ago

The role focusses mainly on volunteer recruitment and management. Being a volunteer myself, I am able to contribute wholeheartedly to the role !

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Martin Sandhu

Last active 2 months ago

I help organisations create digital experiences through understanding human behaviour.

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Fiona Liddell

Last active 2 months ago

I've worked with Wales Council for Voluntary Action since 2003,   in the volunteering team. I was responsible for the Investing in Volunteers programme in Wales,  and have worked on  volunteering policy, and the development and delivery of training and information resources.  In 2018 we launched an all Wales volunteering database,   which is managed by county voluntary councils in each county, and free for volunteer involving organisations to use. I'm currently Helpforce Cymru Manager  and work closely with Helpforce colleagues as well as with  colleagues in Third Sector, Third Sector Support Wales, Welsh Government and Health and Social Care organisations. I have a post graduate degree in nutrition and worked  for a  period in Health Promotion in rural Powys. Married to a welshman, learning welsh was part of the deal - and  has come in very useful  since!

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Nancy Whiskin

Last active 3 months ago

24 years experience of managing, coordinating and setting up volunteer programmes including a Good Neighbourhood Scheme in Newham, designing programmes policy and governance for the Olympic Volunteers aka Games Makers and my current role at Bart's Health Trust. I am passionate about the positive impact that well-managed and coordinated volunteering programmes have on organisations, communities and individuals.

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Patricia Hunt

Last active 3 months ago

Volunteer Service Manager at Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust since December 2017. The volunteer service is probably the most enjoyable role yet (shh don't tell anyone)!  It is most satisfying working with people of all ages and walks of life, who want to give back to the NHS, to those that simply want to know what it is like to work in the NHS and most of all give some time to enhance our patients experience for FREE! Having worked in this trust for nearly 17 years in different departments and working my way up to managing the recruitment team for 8 years prior to this role, where many of the skills and knowledge gained in recruitment has enabled me to quickly get to grips with the recruiting of volunteers to the NHS. Seeing the volunteer service grow within our trust has been exciting.  Raising the profile and engaging staff, which has been helped by the volunteer service team coming under the Director of Communications, this has ensured we get a lot of media coverage, internally and externally. Looking forward to the future with volunteers in SWBH Trust

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Viewing 1 - 17 of 17 members