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Alison’s Story – I pride myself in helping make other people’s lives easier

1st July 2019


Hi! I’ve been a patient and a volunteer as part of Newcastle Hospitals for many years now, with a very rare genetic condition diagnosed around 12 years ago. How life has changed!

I’m looking forward to volunteering with Helpforce, but for many years I have provided volunteering support directly to patients, to teams working in NHS and NHS Digital, and more recently in Patient and Public Engagement at an independent cancer transport charity (Daft As A Brush). I work full time in banking leading a large team in an ever changing organisation, with innovation, the customer and people at the heart of everything we do. I know that I can bring many skills to Helpforce in making a difference for patients, NHS staff and anyone who could do with a little help.

Some of my current volunteering helps people making decisions on the type of breast reconstruction they opt for, whether during cancer treatment or at a later date, and providing critical patient input to surgeon and MHRA decisions on breast implant data for the safety of patients in both the UK and Australia. I pride myself in helping others, and making other people’s lives easier, what better way than offering my time.

After sharing my personal story and giving help, advice, and guidance to others, patients have come back to me to say I made a personal difference to them on their NHS journey.
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