Campaign Update from Helpforce CEO, Mark Lever

19th April 2022


Our Back to Health Campaign showcases the impact that volunteers are making in helping the nation get back to health following the pandemic. We want to help more health and care organisations adopt and adapt existing volunteering models, develop new ones and evaluate the impact of both. The goal is to get more health and care organisations to see the value of volunteers as part of the integrated health and care pathway. Our Back to Health framework highlights the stages of the pathway where we believe volunteers can make a significant contribution to people being supported whilst waiting for surgery (waiting well), supported in hospital (getting well), recovering at home and ultimately living well in their communities.

After launching in October we are already working with 22 partners on 47 active projects - well on our way to our target of 100 partners by December 2025. The variety of projects is inspiring. Whether it is response volunteers, discharge support or call centre volunteers being supported by our Adopt and Adapt Service, creating and scaling up high-impact volunteer services, or volunteers involved in falls prevention, workforce health and wellbeing or primary care companions being evaluated through our Insight and Impact service, they are all contributing to getting the nation back to health.

Working with partners in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales has added richness and diversity to the campaign. Understanding the different approaches to volunteers and volunteering has resulted in opportunities to share experience and practice. Their integrated community and hospital trusts support an approach where voluntary sector organisations are often leading volunteer support and innovation. This method of working is essential to the success of the Back to Health campaign.

Our newsletter will shine a light on the impact of specific projects and the support services we have available to help any leader of a Health and Care organisation wishing to accelerate the growth and impact of their volunteering. Thank you for supporting our campaign by sharing your great work!

If you have any comments or would like to get involved in our work please do get in touch

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