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Joseph puts people at ease in worrying and uncertain times

4th November 2020

Joseph Dean pic

Submitted by Claire Unwin, North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust

Joseph is a 'Meet & Greet' volunteer at West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven and new volunteers shadow him as he is very approachable and welcoming. He started in the Workforce Hub helping where needed. With his knowledge of the site he is a great asset and he can always put people at ease in worrying and uncertain times.

During the pandemic Joseph has 'stepped up' as there has been a greater need for flexibility in his role and what he offers the Trust. He has supported the introduction of a new volunteering role in line with government guidance. The Trust introduced this new role, where volunteers encourage visitors and staff to use the hand sanitizing stations at the entrance of the hospital and remind people to wear face masks, if they didn't have them on. With his experience of the site, staff, and being able to support new volunteers, he has been a valuable asset in supporting and encouraging a new cohort of volunteers in this area. He has been volunteering five days a week for several months now and has really embraced the new role and the new volunteers, making sure that the Trusts new guidelines are implemented.