Maisy Vincent – Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

1st July 2020

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Maisy, who is studying for her A Levels in Chemistry, Biology and German, is one of our most outstanding volunteers. As a trained dementia support volunteer, she visits patients, uses our activity trolley, and chats with them. This can be challenging as patients with more advanced dementia can be difficult to communicate with. Maisy copes admirably, engaging in a positive way with patients and showing great empathy. She has a natural kindness and a friendly personality which shines through.

Maisy has helped mentor new volunteers, and was recently featured in Charity Today as part of the Helpforce workshop team of young volunteers.

She is working towards medical school and she would like to join the British Army as a doctor and hopefully do some NGO work too. Maisy is also an avid campaigner for sustainability and the protection of our planet. She is a truly incredible young volunteer and we are very proud to nominate her.

“I love volunteering for Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust. Although challenging at times, having the opportunity to interact with patients on a regular basis and really making a difference to their hospital stay and wellbeing is simply fantastic.” Maisy