South Central Ambulance Charity – South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust

1st July 2020

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I would like to nominate the South Central Ambulance Charity Team, which includes our South Central Ambulance Community Engagement Team, for the work they all do with over 1000 co-responders and Community First Responders.

They ensure all our volunteers are kept up to date with life-saving skills, and enable them to go on and teach life saving skills in their communities. They also support them when they have witnessed someone passing away, the moment we all dread. Our charity team and volunteers attend community events together raising funds for the charity. Our volunteers set a benchmark in the ambulance community and co-responder world in the UK, as we were the first trust to send our volunteers to non-injury falls meaning elderly and vulnerable patients spent less time on the floor waiting for help. We also send when there is concern for welfare, ahead of an ambulance crew, to rule out an accidental alarm call, ensuring we get the right resource to the patient as quickly as we can.

We couldn’t ask for a better partnership between our trust, our charity, our volunteers and our communities.