Steve gets KGH radio back on the airwaves

19th December 2022

Kettering Screenshot 2022 12 19 154528

Steve Bellamy is a force of nature albeit a gentle one. He is one of the volunteers who got the KGH radio back on the airwaves following its closure, bringing it back to life just before Covid struck.

During covid he led the radio volunteers to still deliver as much content as they could remotely, bringing a smile to staff and patients and being a voice of hope often the only consistent voice across the Trust. He is a volunteer leader, taking care of the day to day needs of his fellow radio volunteers, enabling their continued involvement in the service. Never short of a new idea or two - or borrowing an established one - his version of desert island discs has challenged many staff to come up with just 10 favourite songs.

Steve goes above and beyond as a volunteer for Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to make a difference for all staff, and patients alike, and being an internet based radio can be listened to by anyone wherever in the world.

Nominated for the 2022 Volunteer of the Year (England) category

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