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Sue makes a positive difference to Rebecca’s mental health

3rd November 2020

Sue Anglicas Community Support Befriender photo Helpforce Awards

Submitted by Jenny England, Lancashire Volunteer Partnership

Sue Anglicas has been a Volunteer within the Wyre Community Support Befriending area since just prior to the lockdown coming into force. Originally the intention was to provide Sue with a face-to-face befriending opportunity.

However, the pandemic forced a different path and Sue kindly said she would support our newly introduced Telephone Befriending offer instead. As a result, one of our Wyre clients has been on the receiving end of a very dedicated and reliable volunteer.

Sue has been making regular calls to a young lady called Rebecca who has underlying health issues to deal with on a daily basis including asthma and arthritis. Sue has a social and health care background and it's clear from the way she uses her prior experience, that she shares her skills and knowledge in a good way with Rebecca and as a result there is a trusting relationship.

Rebecca has said very positive things about Sue, such as she is open, friendly, and has been a person she could trust to talk to especially in the early days of lockdown when Rebecca was particularly worried about the virus, coupled with shielding due to underlying health worries. Sue has, and continues to make a very positive difference to Rebecca’s mental health every week in, week out.