The Butterfly Volunteer Team – The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust, in partnership with The Anne Robson Trust

1st July 2020

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The Butterfly Volunteer Team at The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust are exceptional. They sit with patients who are nearing the end of their life, many of whom have no other visitors. They hold the patient’s hand, or provide a gentle hand massage. They might read quietly, so the patient knows they’re not alone. For patients lucky enough to have family or friends, the volunteers give them a chance to take a break.

Since launching this scheme in January 2018, the team of 32 volunteers have provided an extraordinary level of support. They have supported 650 patients in the last days and hours of their lives, and have visited patients 1800 times, spending an amazing 950 hours by the bedside and supporting family members at this difficult time. This team go above and beyond to provide an exceptional level of support to patients and families.

“I was so touched by how gently the Butterfly Volunteer spoke to my wife. I was very tired and appreciated some time out, knowing she was being looked after.”Husband

“It was wonderful to have a chat with the Butterfly Volunteer. We had been sitting by Dad’s bed for hours, and she was so kind. A much needed, fantastic service. Thank you.” Daughter