Apply to join the Helpforce Network

A Helpforce volunteer

What is the Helpforce Network?

The Network is a community of NHS Trusts who share resources and exchange ideas to support volunteering in health and care locally and nationally.

Why have a Network?

We believe that when Trust teams are empowered with knowledge the quality, diversity and innovation within NHS volunteering is enhanced.

Why Join?

Joining our Network unlocks a host of benefits for Trusts including:

  • Peer to peer support
  • Online warehouse of assets to help you in your volunteering programme right now
  • Direct link to Helpforce HQ
  • Access to expertise and funding sources from partner organisations

Are you ready to apply?

Network Members are united by four principles.

  • Do – are proud of existing impact volunteering in their Trust
  • Learn – grow through knowledge exchange
  • Give – give generously of their knowledge and experience
  • Participate – take time to get involved in accessible events, peer relationships and online participation.

If your Trust can commit to these essentials then we warmly invite you to apply for Network membership.

Need a chat first?

Contact Sally Williams, Learning Network Manager by phone 07495 757 317 or email [email protected].

We’re ready for you:

To apply to join the Helpforce Learning Network, please complete this form. Please help us learn as much as we can about your Trust by completing all of the fields.
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