Emergency Department Volunteer Team – Frimley Park Hospital, Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust.

8th November 2018

Winner – Outstanding Volunteering Team of the Year

There are 20 dedicated volunteers who put the patient experience at the centre of their volunteering. They play a valuable role keeping patients up to date with developments and helping them understand how the Emergency Department works. They help patients contact relatives, friends and carers, and help visitors find their family member or friend if they have been admitted. They serve refreshments, escort patients to other departments and wards, arrange taxis, run errands to other wards, spend time with patients who are on their own, and prepare trolleys and beds. Hardly a week goes by where the members of the team are not thanked by patients for the help they give. As a team they hold regular meetings and social events. They work together, with the lead volunteer providing bulletins to the whole team every two weeks.

In a busy Emergency Department, patients and visitors value the volunteers and the time they spend talking to those who are waiting, making a welcome cup of tea and keeping them updated with information regarding waiting times and other matters. The team have enhanced the patient experience in the Emergency Department at Frimley Park Hospital, as well as giving invaluable help to staff. Each volunteer really does make a difference and they are greatly appreciated by patients, visitors and staff alike.

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