Pauline (Liz) Charalambous – Nottingham University Hospitals Trust.

8th November 2018

Winner – Outstanding Staff Champion for Volunteers

Pauline (Liz) Charalambous is a Nottingham University Hospitals nurse who has for the last five years been heavily involved with our volunteers. She helps to integrate volunteers into daily hospital events, and projects and initiatives. Liz suggested volunteers become involved with the prevent delirium project in two different clinical areas. She not only helped with training and management of volunteers during the project, but would come in on her days off and after work to speak with new volunteers starting the project. With the success of the prevent delirium project, Liz is helping us to explore further ideas for volunteers to become involved with such as end PJparalysis and hospital elder life program. Working and supporting volunteers so closely has inspired Liz to take her PHD on how volunteers support patients with dementia and memory loss. Liz is hoping that once her PHD is completed, her findings can be shared to further enhance volunteer roles. Liz is truly an outstanding and inspiring individual who fully understands the importance of volunteers and their worth.

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