Together we are stronger

Over 500 volunteering leaders from health and care have joined Helpforce Connect. By sharing challenges, solutions, good practice, and new ideas, this vibrant community are a support and inspiration for the staff that deliver volunteer services. And through our annual Helpforce Champions awards we recognise the heroes - staff and volunteers - that help bring a bit of magic to the lives of patients.

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Meet your volunteering colleagues across the UK - become a member of Helpforce Connect

As a member of Helpforce Connect you will meet like-minded people who are working hard to accelerate the growth and impact of volunteering in health and care. Our members tell us that through our network they are empowered to improve their services. The resources and conversations help them connect with colleagues, create new roles, and find useful content. Most of all they feel supported by the network of like-minded colleagues.


Celebrating the huge difference volunteers make every day

When it comes to volunteers in the NHS saying “Thank you” is just one way of showing the great work going on. Which is why we shout from the rooftops about the amazing work volunteers in our NHS do every single day.

We are very excited to reveal all in November, when we will be featuring the incredible stories that people have sent to us. We are sure that they will make you smile, and some make bring a tear to your eye.