Gill makes all the difference with her enthusiasm and kindness

27th November 2020

Gill Dover 1

Submitted by Angela Conlan, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

Gill Dover and her team of crafters have responded to various requests for help from the trust and other organisations. As part of a large sewing group, with regional subgroups Gill and the other members all volunteered to make items needed for hospitals, GPS, Hot Hubs and any other healthcare practitioners that have found themselves in need in the current pandemic.

Between them they have made over 32,000 items including sets of scrubs, laundry bags for used scrubs to be transported and washed in to avoid them coming into contact with anything else and also scrub hats and headbands with buttons attached that mean those continually wearing masks with elastic behind their ears can have relief from sore ears.

Gill has worked with and coordinated with other local crafters who have handmade vital supplies during lockdown and beyond. They also responded very quickly to a request from one of the organisations we work with for 1000 facemasks for people living in accommodation provided by a mental health charity.

Gill and her team of crafters have been a delight to work with and have coordinated not only the making of items but also the fundraising needed to pay for materials.

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