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Helping patients receive urgent treatment

18th November 2020

Kenny Tucker

Submitted by Lindsay Rutherford-Hoe, North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust

Kenny Tucker is a volunteer driver who joined our team through the Helpforce/Daily Mail campaign. Although a fairly new volunteer, Kenny has provided continued support through the pandemic. Through uncertain times, Kenny has shown his commitment to making sure our patients could still get home from hospital during extremely busy periods with hospital transport and provides a ‘cheery’ welcome for patients who are being discharged and taken home.

As a driver, Kenny helps to get patients home who have been discharged from hospital but he also brings them in for outpatient appointments. Kenny is always available to provide support and cover in drivers’ absence and will go out of his way to make sure the trust can offer a continuous service to our patients throughout the week.

Kenny has also assisted in bringing patients into the hospital to receive covid swabs prior to planned operations. This support has meant that patients can receive the urgent treatment they need and avoid unnecessary cancellations for the trust.

More recently, Kenny has been an advocate for our food donation campaign across the trust. Kenny helps to deliver the food our staff have donated to local food banks in the area.

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