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Peter, an absolute star volunteer throughout the COVID-19

19th November 2020

20200417 114510

Submitted by Rubina Thiebaut, Engage, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

Already active and trained as one of our ‘Engage’ volunteers to work with elderly patients to enhance their wellbeing whilst in hospital, Peter Elbro did not hesitate to continue offering his time and help when the Engage Programme was suspended in March due to the pandemic. He immediately requested to be redeployed and volunteered to act as a Pharmacy ‘runner’ – one of a small team tasked with getting vital medications to the wards and departments safely and on a timely basis.

We can always rely on Peter to raise suggestions or concerns and he has been instrumental in helping the other pharmacy volunteers navigate their way safely around the changing landscape in the hospital, especially when certain wards were designated as COIVID-19 red zones, access routes changed and even now, in the recovery phase, further alterations are introduced.

Now a well-known and popular figure around the hospital, Peter is always very cheerful, gentle and knowledgeable. He still stays in touch regularly with Engage and continues to be an asset to the Engage Programme whilst it's still suspended by providing regular feedback and input into possible post-covid solutions being discussed.

Peter has always been willing and ready to train up or shadow new volunteers to the role in Engage and he took this mind-set with him when he transferred to his Pandemic Volunteering role in the Pharmacy. He is able to help build the knowledge and confidence of new volunteers and will also step in at the last minute, if there is a need.

We are very grateful for all that our volunteers generally do, and specifically to those who have supported us and been redeployed during these challenging times.

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