Sarah is an excellent volunteer leader who makes sure everyone feels valued

30th October 2021

Sarah Kahn

Sarah Kahn has shown outstanding leadership over the five years they have been the Voluntary Services Manager for Worthing and Southlands Hospitals. With over 350 volunteers throughout the hospitals Sarah has always found time to make sure they have got to know each volunteer personally. They have been present at every One Stop Shop, Induction Training and interview to make sure they are available personally to answer any questions the volunteers have and to reassure volunteers that are welcome to contact them at any time. Sarah has always encouraged an 'open door' policy for volunteers who are encouraged to keep in contact with the team at all times and are welcome to visit the office whenever they need to. This has been so very important over the past 18 months where Sarah has led on care calls to isolating volunteers and has also carried out doorstep visits to some of our vulnerable volunteers.

Sarah has lead on many innovative projects at the hospitals including the introduction of PAT Dogs at Worthing Hospital and more recently the introduction of the Big Hospital Experiment at Worthing Hospital working with 16-25 year old volunteers. They have also led on supporting the hospitals with volunteers in the vaccine Hubs and as Pharmacy Drivers, and for the Project Wingman project where volunteers from the airline industry have provided support for staff in the wellbeing lounges. These projects in particular have supported the staff in what has been a particularly difficult time on the Wards. Volunteers have provided extra hours over the past year on the Wards and in the Vaccine Hubs, PAT Dogs have supported not only patients on Wards but the staff as well. Sarah has been instrumental in raising the profile of volunteering at the Hospitals and introducing volunteers in many areas of the hospital that did not historically have volunteers. For example, the introduction of Wayfinders to help patients navigate their way around the hospital, Patient experience volunteers carrying out questionnaires on wards, Phlebotomy and labs and the Uniform rooms.

Sarah has also coordinated the Major Incident volunteers and has been present at all training for them. In addition Sarah has also taken on the role of LGBTQI Network Chair which has ben done on a voluntary basis outside of their paid role. They have also coordinated the local Pride events over the past four years whereby the Trust have received over 200 free tickets as a thank you for all their hard work. Above all inclusion is at the heat of all Sarah does making sure that the volunteers feel valued. Through the introduction of the Volunteers Summer Tea and Christmas Party into the annual events Sarah makes sure all volunteers are celebrated. Sarah is an excellent leader who makes sure everyone feels valued and makes sure both staff and volunteers go home knowing they have done a good job that day.

Watch this video below to learn more about Sarah and their volunteering service.

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