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Event took place on 13 December 2023


Patient Safety

  • One of our guests recently attended an internal event on Patient Safety and found it an ‘eye-opener’ in terms of how volunteers can contribute towards patient safety. Although volunteers do not cover any clinical duties it is a Duty of Care for all to have a responsibility towards patients' health and safety. She is now looking for training for volunteers to see what they can provide to help.
  • Some Trusts use the same level of training used for non-clinical staff for their volunteers during the induction process. This is not at a deep clinical level but at an awareness level enabling them to raise alarms when necessary.

Volunteer support during the doctor’s strikes?

Requests have been made for volunteers in

  • ED
  • Pharmacy
  • Delivery of blood samples
  • Making sure that staff get a break

Discharge support

  • British Red Cross: Discharge support service which includes patient support for the first 6-weeks after discharge. The British Red Cross has a team of clinical supervisors who work with an array of volunteers so they can match volunteer skills to their services.
  • Discharge Packs: Ranges from maternity requests to their elder care wards. Volunteers follow up with a telephone call to patients who have been given a going home pack.

Group Interviews

  • Group interviews are a great way of getting to know your volunteers. ‘Getting to know you’ exercises are a great ice breaker and encourage people to interact with each other.
  • At the end of the session ask the group for one sentence telling you why they want to join as a volunteer.
  • Manage expectations and provide a friendly environment.

Keeping in touch with volunteers

  • If you are lucky enough to have a hub or an office where volunteers can meet up at the start and end of their shift it is a great way of keeping in touch and finding out how their day has been.

Volunteer uniforms

  • A uniform gives the volunteer a sense of identity and makes them feel part of a team. However, the cost of these items, like most things, is increasing and making it more difficult to sustain.
  • A Forum thread has been started so that network members can share their solutions and maybe where the best deals can be found. Join in the conversation here.
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