Why should you make a case for your volunteering service?

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There are many high-impact volunteering roles but there are not enough of them embedded in our health and care system, and not enough opportunities for the many people willing to volunteer their time and skills.

To help make this happen we need to push for more investment at every level. Volunteering does not come for free: it requires funding to ensure high quality management and to encourage innovation and growth.

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How we can help you to make a case

We can help you show that volunteering is excellent value for money, and how a modest additional investment in your volunteering service can contribute towards your organisation’s strategic priorities.

Here are some tools that can help you make the case:

  • Leadership Case - this guide was co-developed with leaders of ICSs (Integrated Care Systems) to help make a broader case for volunteering at the strategic level within integrated care.
  • Guide for making an impactful business case for volunteering managers in hospital trusts.
  • Insight & Impact service - if you require evidence of impact to strengthen your business case, our end-to-end service can help.
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