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Bereavement/Care Support teams and volunteers


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07 April 2021 at 3:54pm



I am doing a little exercise on what tasks/responsibilities are involved with Bereavement/Care teams and their involvement of volunteers. There has been quite a bit on this subject and I know I have missed some discussions, but I have put together the following and wondered if you would mind letting me have some feedback on it:

Bereavement Support Team and Volunteers

  1. Does your Trust have a bereavement team and/or Cares team?

  2. Where does that team sit in terms of group/directorate?

  3. Is it for all patients and families or just for palliative care patients?

  4. What is involved?

    Distribution of death certificates


    Follow up calls to families (how many?)

    Compassionate calls to relatives

    Befriending for relatives

    Recommendations to CRUSE or another service

    Are there any ward activities – patient sitting service etc.,?

  5. Does any other department/team within the Trust partner with the bereavement/Care teams e.g. Chaplaincy?

  6. What do volunteers do to support?

I look forward to your responses - Thanking you in advance.


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