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LGBT History Month and volunteering


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04 February 2021 at 9:38am

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I wanted to start a discussion and share information from organisations and initiatives who're getting involved with the LBGT History Month and incorporating volunteering. Dons Local Action Group (based in South West London) recently posted on volunteering top tips from their LGBTQ+ volunteers to celebrate their hard work.

Dons Local Action Group is a community-based organisation set up by AFC Wimbledon fans in March 2020. Initially, they focused on food poverty and helped the vulnerable and isolated. Recently, they're addressing the aptly titled 'digital divide' and founded Keep Kids Connected; reconditioning donated laptops and tablets before gifting the devices to schools! Neat, huh?


If anyone else is sharing, supporting or providing information on LGBT and volunteering then do add to this thread. I'm just wanting to raise further awareness and share diverse ranges of volunteers.

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