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NHS Reserves Bill


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30 November 2020 at 2:08pm


Have you heard about the NHS Reserves Bill? I have just read this article about it and thought I should share. What's your thought on this bill?

A new framework modelled on the armed forces reserves system should be introduced to formally organise NHS volunteers, a Conservative MP has suggested.

In a social media post published ahead of the introduction of the NHS Reserves Bill in parliament earlier this week (November 24), Alan Mak said the new reservist system will “support our NHS hospitals, GP surgeries, pharmacies and other healthcare providers”.

A “permanent” NHS Reserves system would enable both clinicians and non-clinicians “from all walks of life” to volunteer in the NHS, Mr Mak said in a video message published on Tuesday (November 26).

The backbench bill is supported by health secretary Matt Hancock, who said in the same video that “hundreds of thousands of people have volunteered for the NHS since the pandemic began and we want to harness the skills of those who want to keep helping by launching the NHS Reserves”.

Former health secretary and Health and Social Care Committee chair Jeremy Hunt tweeted on Tuesday that he is “delighted to co-sponsor and support this bill”.

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