Summary: Focused discussion for network members held on 4 May 2022


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09 May 2022 at 2:47pm


Twenty Five network members joined our discussion session on Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). There were representatives from the NHS, the voluntary sector and Hospices enabling a rich and varied discussion as well as the sharing of some great ideas.

There were some great examples shared of how people with long term health conditions not only benefited from volunteering but enabled some of them to gain employment.

Getting started

Your organisation may already have an EDI strategy in place but the big question is “Where do I start and how do I attract volunteers from under-represented communities?”

CONNECTIONS: This is a point that arises frequently in many of our sessions on various subjects.

  • Volunteer services connecting with their local community groups can increase volunteer recruitment opportunities to diversify their volunteer demographic.

  • Identify the local organisations within your community and find out for example who the disabled employment specialists are. Give them a call and make an inquiry; through discussion a lot of your questions would be answered on how to get started plus they would work with you.

  • Connect with local ethnically diverse communities. For example young carers, asylum seekers, refugees and long term unemployed.

  • Join forums and groups to start making those connections as well as promoting your organisation.

Useful links

Project SEARCH

  • Project SEARCH is an international transition to work programme committed to transforming the lives of young people with learning disabilities and autism.

The Power of Diverse Thinking | Matthew Syed - Bing video

  • “Intelligent search from Bing makes it easier to quickly find what you’re looking for and rewards you”. Shared by David Crossman from VANS

  • “Success is no longer about individual talent, knowledge or skill. Success is about freeing ourselves from the blind spots that beset us all, and pooling our collective intelligence.” Quote from the video site.

NHS England » Supported internships in the learning disability employment programme

  • NHS England » Supported internships in the learning disability employment programme

Health and high quality care for all, now and for future generations

  • NHS Equality, Diversity & Human Rights Week 9-13 May

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