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A Framework for the Restart and Recovery of NHS Volunteer Services

Tags: Guidance

14th July 2020



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This framework has been produced by NHS England and NHS Improvement to help NHS Volunteering services prepare for the recovery phase.

Key points:

❑ Volunteers continue to play a key role in delivery of NHS services. Before,
during and beyond Covid-19 we know there is no ‘one size fits all’ with
respect to NHS volunteer services.
❑ This framework document is intended to empower NHS providers to make decisions, develop local recovery plans and build the case for volunteering locally that benefits their patients, staff and services.
❑ The framework supports a recovery and reset approach that enables
providers to restart volunteer services over the coming weeks and months –
retaining what has worked well, learning from challenges and looking ahead to future need
❑ Plans should be responsive and reviewed regularly, and approaches should be embedded in, and support, wider organisational recovery plans.

To download the framework, please click below.