End of Life Care - Aneurin Bevan Companion Training

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13th October 2021



Develop Images Helpforce 242

Training slides for Companion training

Objectives of the Day

This training aims to provide you with:

  • Clear understanding of the companion role
  • An opportunity to enhance your own communication skills
  • An understanding of how to work in end of life care.
  • Increased confidence in your own abilities
  • An opportunity to raise awareness and management of your own responses

Listening and Communication

  • How do we listen to others in our everyday lives?
  • How does it feel when you have been listened to?
  • How do we show we are listening?
  • Focus
  • Open Questions
  • Summarising and Reflecting
  • Clarifying
  • Silences
  • Hearing/Listening
  • Responses
  • Our body language

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