Basic guidelines for people who commission Easy Read information

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6th April 2022



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This guide was published in 2009 by the Department of Health and has some very useful tips:

Excerpt from the document

Standards for organisations that produce Easy Read information

What are standards?
These standards are rules that can help when making information Easy Read.

What is Easy Read information?
Easy Read information is sometimes called ‘easier information’ or ‘simple words and pictures’. It is a way of making information easier to read and understand for people with learning disabilities.

Why do we need rules?
• Rules for Easy Read information will help people with learning disabilities.
• At the moment, all the people who make Easy Read information have their own way of doing things.
• This can make it hard for people with learning disabilities because different pieces of Easy Read information can look very different.
• Sometimes people do not do a good job when making information Easy Read.
• These rules will help them to do a better job.

Words and pictures
Rule 1: Each idea needs both words and pictures – both pictures and words are important.
Rule 2: Pictures and words go next to each other – this helps more people to understand the information.
Rule 3: Make sure that it is clear which pictures support which bits of text.

Rule 4: Pictures must be easy to understand.
Rule 5: Pictures should go on the left.
Rule 6: Pictures can be drawings, photographs or other images.
Rule 7: Make sure that pictures are as big as possible.

Rule 8: Words must be easy to understand.
Rule 9: If you use difficult words, say what they mean using easy words.
Rule 10: Words go on the right.
Rule 11: Words must be written clearly – a font like Arial is good.
Rule 12: Words must be big – a font size of at least 14 point is good.

Rule 13: Each sentence must be short as possible – more than 15 words is harder to read.
Rule 14: Each document must be short – more than 20 pages is too long.

For the full document download the attached PDF

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