Breastfeeding Peer Support - core principles

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1st August 2022



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A really useful guidance booklet from the Scottish government.

Excerpt from the guidance booklet

Breastfeeding peer support core principles for volunteering in Scotland: guidance

"This is a quality standard framework for health boards and third sector organisations to apply to their peer support services.

Breastfeeding is much more than nutrition. Breast milk is full of essential nutrients to help babies to grow, it also protects them from infection and encourages development of a close and loving relationship between mother and baby. Due to the positive impact on the health of both mothers and babies, breastfeeding is viewed as an important public health intervention that impacts on health inequalities through building on the potential of every child by optimising physical, mental and social health. This has resulted in a global effort towards promoting, supporting and protecting breastfeeding."

For the full guidance document please download the attached PDF or go to the Scottish government site here.