Findings: Patients supported by the NHS Volunteer Responder Programme during Covid-19 - April to August 2020

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16th March 2021


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This paper finding was produced Royal Voluntary Service

The aim of the patient survey was to understand if the NHS Volunteer Responders (NHSVR) programme met its core aim (i.e. to keep those people who are clinically
vulnerable to COVID-19 safe at home while shielding for a minimum of 12 weeks) and provide insight into programme improvement.
Patients had overwhelming praise for the volunteers who supported them; 55% referenced volunteers as the thing they liked most about the programme; patients
provided rich quotes – praising the kindness, efficiency and respectfulness of volunteers.
20% of patients also provided some helpful insight into things which didn’t work so well (e.g. multiple calls, tasks not completed, etc) and further additions to the service
(e.g. more bespoke service, etc). These insights have helped to confirm some of the changes already underway, such as:
a) more bespoke support for patients/clients with higher needs,
b) reducing multiple calls related to the same task, and
c) we continue to work on improving task completion rates.

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