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Guide: Measuring and Improving Journey to Employment (JET)

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16th March 2021



If you are looking to support your volunteers to develop their careers in health and care, you may want to start by looking into this guide.

It was published by the charity Inspiring Impact, in which it identified factors that influence young peoples’ transition into work, presenting the evidence base for these and suggesting potential evaluation tools. The report acts as an introductory guide to help organisations working with young people to understand how their work contributes to employability, and think through their evaluation approach. As well as saving organisations time and money, JET aims to support the youth employability sector to become more effective as a whole by promoting a common understanding of what and how to measure. This will, in turn, make it easier for organisations to learn from each other, and build the evidence base for what works.

To download the guide, please click here: T1.1