Guide: Staff/Volunteer Relations

Tags: Report, Guidance

16th March 2021



“This Charter sets out the key principles on which volunteering is organised and how good relations between paid staff and volunteers are built. It has been developed jointly by Volunteer Development Scotland (VDS) and the Scottish Trade Union Congress (STUC) and has been endorsed by the wider volunteering and trade union movements.

Its starting point is that volunteering plays an essential role in the economic and social fabric of the UK. It is estimated that some 22 million people volunteer each year, contributing around £23bn to the economy. Volunteering helps build social capital and community cohesion and plays an important role in the delivery of key public services. Volunteering is also good for the volunteer: it helps improve health and wellbeing and provides opportunities for individuals to acquire skills and knowledge that can enhance career development or employment prospects. This Charter demonstrates the value and importance that both organistaions place on voluntary activity and the time, skills and commitment given by volunteers.”