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Guide to Volunteering in Primary Care

2nd February 2021


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As part of our Integrated Approaches to Volunteering work we have put together a short guide to developing volunteering initiatives in Primary Care.

At our webinar, on the 26th January we presented some of our initial thoughts on the challenges to creating volunteering projects in primary care. As a result of feedback from the systems taking part in the call we have developed these thoughts into a brief guide.

The guide looks at how the structure of primary care needs to be considered when designing volunteer initiatives. As with all volunteer projects the most important factor is looking at how volunteers can help solve problems that exist within health and care systems. To that end we've listed a few of the common primary care problems that could be useful when you think about how you will frame your plan.

This is our first step in developing support for primary care volunteering projects. We would like to work with you to improve our guide and reflect your experiences of developing volunteering in Primary Care.