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How To: Funding Volunteer Projects

20th January 2021



As part of our Integrated Approaches to Volunteering work we are working with different systems to focus on some of the key system challenges. One of the key challenges to progressing volunteering initiatives is accessing funding.

Through talking to different ICSs and STPs we have tried to bring together what you have told us about accessing funding from within systems. We are conscious that commissioning isn't the only route to getting projects up and running but it is a key element of showing how volunteering can support integration.

We have drafted the attached How To Guide to set out some considerations in framing a business case around a system based volunteering project.

It looks at things like:-

- Understanding ICS priorities

- Where projects sit in systems

- Demonstrating integration

- Fitting into pathways

This is our starting point on this work and we would really like to talk to you about the bits that work but even more importantly, what is missing.