Project coordinator manager role description

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13th October 2021



A description of the role of Project coordinator manager for WHHT Rose EOLC

Sam Roblett Project Manager JD

The very best care, for every patient, every day

Our values give us all a common purpose and help patients, as well as their family and friends, to know what to expect of everyone they meet when they visit one of our hospitals. These values will be promoted and embedded in policies and procedures to ensure they are reflected in all Trust staff members’ conduct.

It is widely accepted that no one should die alone, but the reality is that this fate occurs to far too many people in the UK. At West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust, we have been trialling an end-of-life care volunteering project because we want to ensure that all our patients feel cared for in their final days, and that family and friends are comforted to know that their loved one is being cared for at this precious time.