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Role Description: Maternity Ward Support and Companion

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2nd March 2021



Develop Images Helpforce 118

Thank you to Debbie Coates the Volunteer Services Development Manager at Birmingham's Women's and Children's NHS Foundation Trust for sharing this role description.

Key tasks (what you will be doing):

  • Ensure you are up to date on the current guidelines around infection control.
  • Provide our patients, relatives and visitors with a warm welcome and ensure infection control guidelines are upheld.
  • Be a supportive companion
    • Chat to patients and families, and help them feel at ease
    • Support at meal times with trays, clearing tables, with drinks etc
    • Watch the baby if parent goes to the bathroom (postnatal wards)
    • Refill water jugs
    • Respond to patient buzzer and refer to appropriate member of staff
    • Answer general queries about the hospital, ward and services
  • Support the ward with the coordination of visiting times
  • Transport notes, bloods etc as required
  • Restocking cupboards
  • Clean equipment
  • General housekeeping duties, wiping down beds, restocking gloves etc.
  • Support with patient discharges, escorting and carrying bags for the patient
  • Escort patients and families around the hospital as appropriate ie chapel, canteen, clinics or other wards
  • Assist with admin packs and audit work as required
  • Report any incidents to the Shift Leader
  • Keep all information given or discussed within the hospital confidential
  • Attend relevant training sessions provided by your department

For more details please see the attachment.

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