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The Volunteer Passport Programme Step by Step Guide

Tags: Guidance, Template

16th February 2021



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Thank you to Zainab Jaffer from the Mount Vernon Cancer Centre at East & North Hertfordshire NHS Trust for sharing this guide.

The Volunteer Passport Programme Step by Step Guide
Step 1

In your browser type the e-learning for Healthcare address:
Register for the training by: Clicking on Register / Log in on the top right hand

Step 2
Click Register again

Step 3
Select: I am an active volunteer or I am interested in volunteering and Continue

Step 4
Register your details. Make sure you type inside the box for: First name, Last name, secondary email
address if you have another email address, otherwise leave it blank. For Country, type or select
‘England’ and then Region, you could select London unless you are in a different region.
For Job Role (Staff Group): Type Volunteer and you will get a list to select from; Make sure you select
Volunteer (Health). Under Organisation Name: Type: MVCC and click Register

For the full guide with screenshots please download attachment.