Volunteer Portability - How To Guide

25th March 2021



One of the most enduring conversations that we have with systems interested in volunteering comes back to how make volunteer portability or passporting work. We've spent a lot of time working with systems across the country that are all at different points in there portability journey.

Based on what you have told us about your work on developing volunteer passports we have put together this How To Guide that boils down the essential considerations. We've looked at how the relevant partners might be, what the benefits you might expect to realise are and potential barriers.

From the experiences you have shared with us we've learned that a local approach to portability is essential because every system is different. We have also learned that the real work in creating a portability process is getting that local agreement on why one is needed and what the existing barriers to volunteers are.

We hope you find this guide useful and please do share your feedback. We're keen to develop this over time so anything you think we should add is useful.