Webinar recording: Integrating volunteering into NHS's winter pressures strategy - from senior leaders' perspectives

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26th September 2021



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We know that this year's winter will be very different, with patients coming to hospitals not only for common respiratory illnesses, but perhaps with Covid as well. Therefore, now is the right time to start planning how volunteers can best help the NHS to cope with the challenges ahead.

In this recording, we asked senior leaders from the NHS and a healthcare partnership organisation to share with us their views on the challenges that the NHS is expected to face throughout the winter period. They also shared their strategic perspective on the priority areas that could benefit most from volunteer support.

Information about the speakers can be found below:

· Jane Blacklay: Director of Development and Deputy CEO at South Warwickshire NHS FT

· Karen Bonner, Chief Nurse at Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

· Fiona Hill, Business Development Manager, H4All – a partner in the local Hillingdon Health and Care Partnership

· Mark Lever, Helpforce CEO