Webinar: Supporting volunteers and patients with Autism

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26th November 2021



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We held this webinar in November 2021 to provide a platform for our guest speakers to share their ideas and experiences and for volunteer leaders to learn how volunteers can support patients with autism and also how a volunteer service can benefit from encouraging people living with autism to volunteer.

Our guest speakers were:

Emma Kearns and Deborah Goatley-Birch from Autism Hampshire

Emma and Debs shared their in-depth knowledge of Autism explaining how people living with Autism often find themselves in a position where they are unable to communicate effectively. This can create difficulty in trying to explain their health issues and they often find that they are unable to take in and process information given to them.

Anne Doyle and volunteer David from Alder Hey Children's Liverpool NHS Trust:

Volunteers with Autism and Learning Disabilities are well established and highly valued within the volunteering programme at Alder Hey. Through partnerships with local schools and colleges the team have developed an inclusive volunteer service, encouraging people to actively volunteer (with support if necessary) and contribute to their community.

Please scroll down to the bottom to download the presentations from the speakers.

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