Webinar: Volunteer to Career programme and funding by Health Education England

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30th June 2022



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In recognition of the value and benefits of their Volunteer to Career (VtC) programme, Health Education England (HEE) are investing in a further ten NHS Trust sites in England to increase the scale, reach and impact of the programme and also to identify further volunteer to career routes, supporting workforce needs and creating opportunities for volunteers to consider a career in healthcare.

Each successful project site will be provided with £25,000 funding which will support senior clinicians to work with volunteer service teams and design specific volunteer roles to address local recruitment needs.

Helpforce has been delighted to support a number of Volunteer to Career (VtC) projects funded by the Burdett Trust for Nursing. The projects have been based within a range of clinical areas and all have the identified outcome of supporting volunteers into careers within health and care. Helpforce will continue to support the successful applicants for the above HEE funding opportunity.

In this webinar you will find out more about the support that Helpforce can offer and also hear a case study from Joanne Smith of Bradford District Care NHS Trust. Joanne is a Health Visitor and took on the role of Volunteer to Career Clinical lead in April 2021. The project has since gone from strength to strength and volunteers have successfully progressed to further education and employment within health and care.

For the full webinar please take a look at recording below.

For a copy of the presentation document please download the attached PDF

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