Webinar: Waiting Well Launch

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11th May 2022



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Working with Helpforce to support patients waiting for care

Volunteers supporting patients on waiting lists and health organisations’ pressures

With 6.07m people on a waiting list for hospital treatment and 310,813 waiting over a year for planned hospital care, Helpforce has launched the Waiting Well Programme to make volunteering services part of the solution.

The programme works with a number of partners to support patients during their wait for care and reduces pressures on health organisations by identifying, evaluating, scaling and spreading volunteering services.

If you have ideas about how volunteers could play a role in supporting patients and staff with waiting lists, if you want to explore doing a waiting well project or perhaps are already doing something in this space please take a look at the webinar recording on this page and see how Helpforce can help you.

Webinar took place on Wednesday 11 May 2022

For a copy of the presentation slides please download the attached PDF.

Waiting Well Partners

  • Do you have a volunteering service currently supporting patients on waiting lists that you want to evaluate, scale or spread elsewhere?
  • Do you want Helpforce to support you in designing and piloting a volunteer service that supports patients on waiting lists?
  • Do you have more ideas around how volunteers can support patients on waiting lists that you would like to share with us?

We’d like to work with you

Contact us by email: network@helpforce.community